At Gandhi Civil Decor we realize the prestige and the scale of the projects that we handle for our valuable clients. To live up to their expectations we have therefore created a professional, responsible and responsive team.

We have appointed experienced project managers who are capable enough to interpret a client’s needs precisely. They can read and understand structural drawings and plans accurately. They can also communicate and offer valid suggestions to the architect or interior designer on material to be used, type of finishes, inlay options, timelines and more. We also have in place a highly qualified and well experienced team of civil engineers who are well versed with the challenges of diverse project environment. This tier functions in close co-ordination to plan and execute projects according to the architects or designer blue prints.

Supporting them is a vast team of our skilled work force consisting of marble and stone specialists, masons, marble polishers, concrete work specialists, carpenters, plumbers and more. This team works on site and is responsible for the final product. Working fast and efficiently this team also contributes to the overall quality of the project.

Advance planning, cost projections, timely procurements, daily progress checks all these vital elements are constantly monitored by the administration team to ensure that a project is completed to the client’s highest expectations.

So if you are looking for the best civil work team to work on your next project do let us know.