Commercial Interior Design and Contracting

As a professional and experienced firm we strive to offer our valued clients a full suite of interior designing and contracting services for large projects like entire commercial complexes, large open plan offices, BPO’s and more. From the beginning itself we work closely with the architect and try to understand the finer points of the project and plan things towards completing the handover on time and within budget.

We understand that commercial projects demand an optimum combination of quality materials and workmanship; we therefore always have a team that is experienced to deliver to these criteria. From sourcing the variety of material needed on site, right up to handling delivery as well as supervising the entire execution, our team ensures that there is complete harmony between manpower and machine power which ultimately leads to flawless project completion.

Furthermore, we also ensure that we strictly adhere to standard safety operational procedures and environment care practices which also add value to our services. We can offer our services to our clients all over India.