Residential Interior Design and Contracting

At Gandhi Civil Décor we offer homemakers a very professional and high quality interior design and civil work service. We offer these services to large premium home spaces, penthouses, private villas, bungalows etc. With our team of experienced personnel we can offer you a “made to blueprint”, well finished and impeccable interior that reflects your personality.

We ensure that we work closely with the appointed interior designer right from the beginning itself. We discuss every possible alternative, choose material, get costs approvals, plan schedules and then commence work. This planning ensures that there is very little chance of a misinterpretation of design concept or guidelines.

Residences being private spaces, we ensure that we use the best quality of materials and at the same time deliver a high quality of finish, to match every home owner’s high expectations. Our dedicated team who specialise in residential interiors of all kinds ensures that right from site take over to site handover, the entire process is smooth and ultimately delivers a visibly superior project execution. We can offer our services to our clients all over India.